Tuesday will be so cool!

In case you have never heard of this site, I’m gonna tell ya’!

 In my quest to find sources for publicizing my MG book, Bumbling Bea I ran upon a wonderful student centered website, Litpick.comLitpick.com is a website specifically developed with teen readers and reviewers in mind. A student can sign up to become a member (at no charge) to read and review books! If a student signs up to become a reviewer, they can select the book(s) they are interested in reading, then they are sent to the student  either as an e-book or mailed to them. Students can earn prizes, too!

Bumbling Bea has received an excellent rating through Litpick and on
Tuesday, April 21 I will be featured in their Six Minutes with an
Author series that will run for a month.

As always, Bumbling Bea is offered through Amazon.com.

Come check it out!

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