Why Acting in a Play is Actually Good for Your Soul


In my award winning book, Bumbling Bea, Beatrice and Michiko have their own reasons to love theatre.  Just as the girls are complete opposites of one another, so are their reasons. That’s what makes it fun to read!

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Hello!I'm the gal you were looking for. I'm a very experienced drama teacher, play and musical director, and award winning author. Here you'll find many posts on theatre education, directing, plus advice and tips for teachers. Also, I am a happily married wife, loving mother to two swell daughters and a great step son. Most recently, I became a published author of Bumbling Bea, an award winning humorous middle grade novel about an impetuous 8th grade girl determined to play the lead role in the annual middle school play. Except a girl from Japan comes along and ruins everything! Or does she? Hope you enjoy us. Thanks! Dhcbaldwin@gmail.com. DeborahBaldwin.net

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