Thirteen Days to Creating a Successful Hybrid College Class, Day Four


Let’s talk about the value of Tedtalks to a flipped classroom.

Baby, they are awesome!

Please know I’m not expert about teaching at the college level, although I have taught college aged students for many years.

This is much more formal instruction.


tedtalk 2 (2)

I viewed my first one several years ago, but many of my students are not familiar with them.

They are a tremendous help to most any teacher on most any subject. I think they are catching on, because Tedtalks are just too good not to be mentioned by someone. Some are shared on Facebook many times.

They are very useful.

In my case, my students can view an expert who speaks eloquently.  Their speech is succinct because it’s been rehearsed.  It’s entertaining and usually educational.

Many are humorous.  Here is one my students and I enjoy:

“Inside the Mind of a Procrastinator” by Tim Urban

This particular talk is great for high school and college students.  Tim speaks about his procrastination tendencies and boy, does he have them. Procrastination is familiar to all us, universal.

Another one which is terrific  for  a speech class is Caroline Goyd’s

“The Surprising Secret to Speaking with Confidence”

These two Ted talks are completely different in style and tone.  Tim’s is laid back and funny.  Carol’s is professional and thoughtful.

I enjoy both.

In a flipped classroom, Ted Talks can take your place or they can compliment your teaching.

I’d suggest you peruse their topics and see if any will work for you.  Also, I  advise you to check on Youtube for them.  For some reason, not all talks are stored on the Tedtalk website.

Did you know there are students who give Tedtalks now?

Here is one by Jack Andraka, “A Promising Test for Pancreatic Cancer from a Teenager”

Just think how a teen Tedtalk can inspire your students. Visual learning is paramount to a student’s intellectual growth.

It’s worked with mine.  Try it.

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