Sure Fire Formula that Works with Classroom Assignments

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If you are a teacher like me, sometimes you need a little help but don’t know

where to find it. I’m just like anyone else–occasionally, I need a sure

fire formula, a fast, time tested answer to my teaching needs.

Open the door to

Maybe this will help you…

I have several rubrics available for FREE at

speech making is a website for anyone teaching and needing

a particular rubric, or grade sheet. There are terrific templates for

just about any assignment you are grading. You can find rubrics for subjects under 

the heading of oral projects, making products, multi media, science, 

work skills, math, art and music just to name a few. 

 Another wonderful

feature is that you can custom one to your particular needs.

Another terrific feature:  teachers have made their rubrics

available to you for your use, too! 

I put one together last week using the oral presentation template for

a persuasive speech for a college level Fundamentals in Speech class

I am teaching this semester.

Go here for the persuasive speech rubric:

Check back because I have a few other rubrics I’ll make available

to you which are not part of the website.

I always appreciate when other teachers help me.  So, I’m paying it forward here.  Hope it helps!

speech making

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