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Who is this Dramamomma?

I live in Kansas in the vibrant university town of Lawrence.  I am a happily married wife of thirty-four years and a mother to our two grown daughters and wonderful step son.

 We moved to Kansas last summer to be near our family and our new fabulous grandchild (the real reason–don’t tell her parents). I was born and raised in Kansas, although I haven’t lived in the state as an adult until now. In some respects, I feel very at home here but that’s the midwest for you. 😊

 I’m an award winning veteran drama teacher and very experienced and successful youth theatre and community theatre director doing both for over thirty-five years. See? I’m just ancient now…

 Dramamommaspeaks is about all things drama–teaching at every grade level, directing, the arts and drawing wisdom from my experiences AND I share about my writing of Bumbling Bea, too! 

 Every so often I will blog about other subjects such as parenting, my life, etc.

I am an indie author of Bumbling Bea, an award winning middle grade book concerning an unusual friendship between two girls. Lastly, I am a featured writer for an international  award winning website for student book reviewers, parents and librarians. Check out my here

Please take your time and peruse the blog.  It would mean a great deal to me to know you read my posts.

 I hope you’ll also like my blog, follow me or join my email list to keep up with me. I enjoy making friends of all ages and walks of life. In fact, I think my life is enriched by knowing different people with varied viewpoints. 

This blog, like teaching and directing, makes me feel connected to the world.  In these times, don’t we all need that?

Talk with you soon.

One of my better outfits, I must say…


 Our first grandchild loves books, too!

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