Reviews of Bumbling Bea

Bumbling Bea reviews:

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“When a career arts educator decides to pen a book promoting the arts to children, it’s sure to be a winner! And Bumbling Bea is all that AND MORE! Bravo! Take a bow. Deborah Baldwin!”

“Bumbling Bea plagues Beatrice. She causes her to blurt out ugly half truths, exaggerations, and worse. Beatrice and her class are putting on an important play and Beatrice has much maturing to do. Well written with great dialog and fun characters this was a very fun read. Great story.”

“Quirky, fun and intensely close capturing of middle school angst. I enjoyed this book as an adult, but could definitely see this being a beloved book for any middle school student especially. So many kids this age deal with their emotions getting the best of them, things coming out of their mouths they regret or actions they wish they could undo. Seeing Bea do this in entertaining and humorous ways is refreshing and I’d think to be comforting for students to see a character struggling with the same challenges. Although she “bumbles” her way through school, activities, and relationships, Bea is still a character who learns from her mistakes and generally a positive example of a flawed, realistic middle school girl. You can see the author’s experience with numerous plays and musicals, capturing the drama and craziness surrounding the production of a middle school play. There’s plenty of excitement to keep the pages turning and overall an enjoyable read.”

“I LOVE this charming tale because it very much validates those awkward tween/teen moments when things come out of our mouths that we seemingly can’t control, and the HUMILIATION that follows when we feel like we have turned a room cold (I have a very vivid memory burned in my brain of the first time this happened in my own life). How wonderful to teach kids not to carry that guilt with them into adulthood by giving that “awkward blurting voice” an alternate name; as if it were an uncontrollable force to be tamed and learned from (because it is!)”

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