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jig saw puzzle

I know what it is like to be a beginning teacher. We drama teachers aren’t as fortunate as some.

When I began teaching drama, I worked from what I was trained to do.  And what I knew was college level acting classes.

It took quite some time to discover my own teaching style–hands on, games as learning tools, plenty of fun and laughs.  That’s me.

When I studied for my masters in education (creative arts learning focus), we created many lessons using the arts to teach the core subjects.  That was cool, but not really what I needed.

Two years later, a new middle school was being built in our community and I became the first sixth grade drama teacher in the school system.

Exciting, yes.  Challenging? You bet.

Over the next twelve years, I perfected my curriculum.  One of my favorite tools is postcards.

You can use postcards for a host of lessons–storytelling, movement, playwriting, scene development and improvisation.

Here is a free lesson I created for

It’s called Jigsaw Puzzle Postcard Stories.

jig saw puzzle

If you go to their site, you’ll find other lessons which might be of use to you.

Check them out here: