Some Interesting Facts About Me

Like most people, I am one of a kind. So, here are some interesting facts about me…. I’m not all that mysterious, but you decide.

Some interesting things about me

  1. I am right handed, however no one taught me to throw a ball when I was a child.  Consequently, I throw with my left hand and catch with my right.

  2. I can’t tie shoe laces the normal way (You know the bunny through the hole in the tree? Yeah, I can’t do that.)  Instead, my brother taught me how to use a Boy Scout knot and it works way better for me.

  3. I LOVE gizmos.  Anything with gears, cool products that are innovative and useful.  I’m a sucker for the “As Seen on TV”  aisle at a store.  I love that stuff!

  4.  I think coffee is one of the best beverages in the world.  A hot cup of coffee in the morning makes me happy.

  5. I’m scared to death of sharks.  I’m also scared to death of murky water.  Even if it’s some fresh water lake, I’m sure there is something in there that will grab me.

  6. I know how to primitive camp–build a latrine, lash sticks together, make a fire, backpack, use a poncho as a tent, paddle and swamp a canoe. I’m sort of a tom boy

  7. I was a Boy Scout in my junior year of high school when Senior Girl Scouts and Explorer Boy Scouts were merged for a time.  We went on a February camp out with the guys and there was a huge snow storm.  The blizzard was so bad that we struck camp and went home in the middle of it. It took us two hours to drive twenty minutes back home.  It was awesome. The boy I liked was a Boy Scout, too so that made the frozen toes all the more worth it.

  8. I’ve never imbibed in marijuana.  That’s no big deal, but I was in college in the 1970’s so you’d think I smoked it a bit then.  Nope, never tried it.

  9. I am the youngest in my family.  My siblings are as many as thirteen years my senior.  Consequently, when I was alone with my parents I felt like an only child.  But when my siblings visited, I was suddenly the “baby” of the family.  It was very frustrating to say the least.

  10.  I was never much of a runner, but in sixth grade my friend and I won the three legged race during an intramural track day.

  11. I was a cheerleader in my eighth and ninth grade years of high school.  At the time, it was the closest thing I could find to performing.  Even after all these years, I am still good friends with three of the girls.

  12.  I can’t watch any horror movies or read it, either.  I have a huge imagination and I’ll never sleep at night because I’ll think the story all night.

  13. I can still sing as high as I could in college–two octaves above middle C. I’m 60 years old.

  14. I should have been a zoologist, because I simply adore animals.  My favorites are elephants, horses, dogs, cats, bears, giraffes, cows, rabbits and birds. I grew to appreciate elk once I lived among them in Colorado way up in the mountains.  I find in the fall when they bugle to find a mate is an awesome experience!

  15. I whined at my father for about three years. Finally, he gave in and bought two horses for me (they came as a package) when I was in eighth grade.  Their names were Playmate and Dolly. Some of my most cherished memories of my father surround the rides he and I would take in the early morning heat of a Kansas summer day.

  16. Watching a movie elevates my mood and can fulfill my need to create if I don’t have the time to do something creative.  I have no favorites, but I’m more interested in characterization than a fancy plot.

  17. I read a lot, but I’m slow.  I think it’s because I am acting out the characters as I read them.  Every character has their own voice (in my brain) and consequently, reading something quickly is nearly impossible unless I buckle down and focus on it.  I think skimming a book is a crime.

  18. I’m a really loyal friend.  That doesn’t always work out for me very well.  People have a tendency to take my friendship for granted.  It hurts and I’m not a very good learner.

  19. I don’t appreciate being ignored and I take great exception to deceit.

  20. I am happily married to my best friend, Tim, for nearly thirty-five years.  What’s the secret?  Find projects to do together.  I direct plays in youth and community theatre. Tim designs and builds the sets for them.  Works for us.

So there I am. 😊

Cadillac Mountain Retirement Vacation, 2016


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