Wishing Shelf Independent Book Award Contest–Bumbling Bea a Finalist

Big news:  Today I found out Bumbling Bea is a finalist in the Wishing Shelf Independent Book Award contest! What an honor.

The Wishing Shelf Independent Book Award contest is competitive.  Billy Bob Buttons (pen name) sponsors the contest.  Only 100 books are selected each year in five categories.

A group of readers (both adults and children) read the books which are appropriate for their age.  Kids read books for children, adults read books written for adults. The books are scored on quality of writing, grammar, spelling, cover art, book description, etc.  A group of finalists are selected and announced.

Wishing Shelf

I like this contest because not only are the books read by appropriate aged readers, but we receive reviews from them as well.  I can use the reviews to market Bumbling Bea or keep them for my private use.

This finalist announcement is all the more rich for me, because the kids read the original version of Bumbling Bea.  Since then, I made several updates to the story including  new cover art and design.

Please allow me to be a bit proud of myself, folks.   Basically, I wrote Bumbling Bea all on my own.  Several family members edited the story and a Language Arts teacher proof read it for me, but everything else was my doing.

You see, I now realize the sky is the limit for me.  This is an avocation which has no ceiling.

Wishing Shelf

I topped out in teaching and directing several years ago.  Although I continued to be challenged by both, the challenge was easy for me to overcome.  At my age, it isn’t worth it to apply for employment in colleges or professional theaters.

But writing?  It’s all new to me.

Lastly, I want to thank my Indie Writers Cooperative group.  I would never have known about this contest if it wasn’t for them.  I learn through this Facebook group every single day.

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