How Meaningful is Life Without Dance?

How meaningful is life without dance?

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Life without dance

Whenever I awaken in the wee morning hours (and that’s a lot!) and can’t fall asleep again, I visualize ballet dancers dancing.  Sometimes I’m one of them which is pretty funny since I only attended ballet classes for one semester in college.

First, I see a lovely dance hall with large windows facing the south and east.  The walls of the room are a soft pink with white woodwork and of course a golden colored wood floor.  Then I hear music playing in the background.

It’s usually some classical piece of music I know well, such as Strauss’ “The Blue Danube Waltz” or Vivaldi’s  “The Four Seasons”. Maybe it’s something else such as  Beethoven’s “Sonata for Piano No. l”.

  I’ve discovered this method of relaxing works equally well if I’m needing an afternoon nap.  I search my IPad for the piece of music I like, play it, close my eyes and imagine my dancers.

In my mind’s eye, I see a ballerina in a lovely gown chasse’ across the floor diagonally from corner to corner.  Usually, a young man is follow along and catches her ever so often and lifts her into the air.  She floats serenely, landing softly on her precious toes.  Then up again, so forth and so on.

The next thing I know it’s morning.

I can’t imagine the world without dance. I bet many people can’t either.  Dance speaks to us.

Losing the art of  dance would be as terrible as losing your ability to express your emotions.  What if you simply could not express joy, fear, pride or sorrow?

Dance is a tremendous vehicle for expressing emotions.

Pantomime is movement with no words.  I was six years old when my family traveled to Europe.  In Paris, we were lucky enough to see Marcel Marceau perform.  Wow!  My most fond memories are of his mime, The Mask Maker. That was fifty-four years ago, but I remember the performance as if it was yesterday.

If you are thinking I’m some stuffy old lady, I’m not.  There are many current performers who sing marvelously.  In my opinion, one of the best is Bruno Mars.  Some of his lyrics are inappropriate for children, but what a talent.  And what great dancing!

A toddler dancing is one of the best testaments to the  joy of dance.  If you watch closely, you’ll notice they are in their own zone–somewhere else in their mind even with their eyes open. Children will free form it with no concerns about how they appear to others.

This little girl knows the answer to “How meaningful is life without dance?” without even knowing it.  Our sweet, perfect granddaughter is always moving.  She adores music, too.  She’s still a baby, but I think she will express herself through dance, too.  I can’t wait!  Maybe we’ll have our own video of her boogying.  If she’s anything like her momma or auntie, our DVD shelves will be lined with her videos.

I don’t know how humans would cope if we didn’t have the dance.  I think I agree with this quote, “Stifling an urge to dance is bad for your health — it rusts your spirit and your hips. ~Terri Guillemets”. 

See?  Life without dance? I hope not.

I must close now.  I feel a dance coming on…

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