Reading Groups: An Indie Writer’s Dream

Reading Groups:  An Indie Writer’s Dream

There are good teachers and there are outstanding teachers.  Some teachers are willing to support a new writer and others are not, although I haven’t met any yet.

There’s a exemplary school in Columbia, Missouri–Ridgeway Elementary School.

Have you heard of it?

If not, you need to check it out here:

Ridgeway Elementary School teaches using individual guided education program. Both of our daughters were educated at Ridgeway.  Ridgeway students understand how to learn, study and learn.

Although it is not a magnet or charter school, it works much like one.

There is a wonderful 4/5th grade teacher there, Maria Cox, who asked to use my book with her reading groups.


Emphatically, I said yes!

I was invited to Ridgeway and spoke to these great students about my book as well.  You gotta give these kids some credit.  It was a very warm room and nearing lunch time.  They sat quietly and asked terrific questions.

I could tell Mrs. Cox had prepared the students for the occasion.

Deborah Baldwin book talk











Ridgeway Elementary book group

Mrs. Cox sent to me photos of the kids reading the second printing of Bumbling Bea.  I updated and tweaked the story a bit and I wanted these kids to be the first to read the new version.

It was thrilling for me to see the students’ faces as they picked out sections they enjoyed.

That’s an author’s dream.

Would your class like a set of Bumbling Bea books?  This can be arranged for you, too. Mrs. Cox used the copies in her reading groups.

I have a play adaptation of Bumbling Bea, too.  I’m looking for a drama class to workshop the show with me.  I’d be willing to come to your school and present a book talk at the same time as the workshop occurs.  Is this something you’d be interested in?

Write me at and we can chat about it.

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