Where I am From

Where I am From

I’m a member of a writing group who suggested the subject of the beginnings of my life as a prompt.

Deborah Conard


Where I am From


I am from sweet forsythia blooms

Strawberry Nestle Quick and cicadas sirening

From the three story house on Twelfth Street,

   Bricked, lacey ivy covered and hedged encircled

From window seats with clanking steam registers

     warming  frozen feet on February days

I am from the towering maple tree who teased me to climb it

Who coveted crimson and yellow leaves collected

     in the short Indian summer.

I’m from singing grace at supper and high cheek bones,

From the Britts, Scots, Irish and Welch.

I’m from  Me First and  My joke is better

From  Baby Sister and You’re so dramatic.

From a neighborhood church with clear windows

       encouraging me to see the natural beauty of God.

Deborah Baldwin

I’m from an old fashioned cow town reluctant to admit it

Salty potato salad and the sourest of lemon pie

    sporting bouffant-like meringue swirled high

From the missionary’s daughter raised in Japan

    speaking nasty slang learned from the maid.

From the red headed boy coddled by his anxious widowed mother

     saving the family farm becoming a doctor simultaneously.

I’m the queen and the orphan girl living under the ping pong table

     on the east porch

Who cried fake tears sitting on a street curb

     when the funeral processions rode by

I am who traded Lifesaver candies for safe passage

       by the alley boys

Who pushed one to the ground demanding apologies

     for her best and forever friend.


 I’m the girl whose life vision she couldn’t see

     until it was upon her.

It all makes sense now.

Though the reasons are mysterious, the outcome is grand.

Wrinkles, scars and stretch marks depict a life

I’m unwilling to lose.

They tattoo me wondrously.

Deborah Baldwin, author









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  1. This is why I knew were always a writer! You have this. It is you. 😊 Makes me glow reading it! Love love from your Debbie friend! Sent from my iPad


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