Super Tips: Teacher Appreciation Gifts

If you have taught children for any amount of time and you are half good at it, you’ve received gifts for Teacher Appreciation week.

Psst:  This is a perk of teaching no one even thinks about until the celebrations are upon us.

teacher appreciation

Here are a few tips of my favorite teacher appreciation gifts I’ve received which would be good choices for you to give or receive:

  •  Gift cards for a Coffee Shop–Personally, I enjoy these the most.  One year, I was given about ten Starbucks gift cards.  Some were for $5.00 and some were upwards of $20.00. It doesn’t matter the dollar amount.  They are always appreciated.  Sometimes I combine them and purchase several pounds of coffee instead of just one drink.

  • Flowers–Okay, this sounds cliché but really it’s nice.  For several years, I worked for a home school enrichment program and we taught different students each day.  When teacher appreciation week arrived, the parents would bring in a flower or even a bouquet and place them in a large flower vase along with everyone else’s.  That way, I would go home with a lovely vase of flowers!

teacher appreciation

  • Tickets to a professional play or musical. This will take some research on your child’s part, but if you can find out a play or musical your teacher would enjoy attending, purchasing one or two tickets to see it would be grand.  If that’s too costly, see if one or two other families would like to join you in the gift giving. One time a family invited us out to dinner and to see their church’s musical performance.  I was a little hesitant to accept the offer, but it was wonderful fun and a terrific way to become more acquainted with the student’s family.

  • A new coffee cup or water bottle

  • Socks, cute ones. 🙂

  • Something for the classroom–pencils (Ticonderogas, please those are my favorite), paper, markers, etc.

  •  A lovely scented candle

  •   An emergency kit for stressful days–a bottle of bubble bath, lotion and candle and some chocolate.

  •   A delightful tea–my personal favorite gift of tea is Good Earth.  I’d never had any until a parent gave some to me.  It’s terrific.

  • Movie ticket gift certificate

  • A hand made card from your student.  Just make sure they sign them.  I’ve kept many purely because of the thought and care behind the making of the card.  Even if your student is in high school, a hand made card from her is still appropriate.

  •  Cash.  Some people thinks giving cash is gausch.  I don’t.  It’s like a tip.  Trust me, you can’t begin to offend me with money.

  • A simple thank you on nice stationery is good, too!

teacher appreciation

Regardless of the gift, we appreciate the thought you show for us.

I have to admit, there are parents I never hear from one way or the other.  I’ve directed productions, very successful ones, when a leading actor’s parents haven’t even stayed after the show long enough to say thank you.

Perhaps they don’t know what to say?  A simple thank you will do.

NOTE:  This is one time I don’t write thank you notes to the givers. Usually, there are just too many of them.

However, at the end of the school year, sometimes I write a thank you note to those parents who went above and beyond to support me. Usually, these are parents who chaired production committees for productions–costumes, set, props and the like. It’s the least I can do.

thank you

There you have it!

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