Teachers: How to Jump Start Your School Year

Do you know how to jump start your school year?  With radio theatre!

The school year is about to begin. Yikes!

I remember that feeling.

Nerves, anxiety, excitement, worry, hope.

As a drama teacher, it was not unusual for me to spice up the beginning of the year to assure my classes got off to a good start. One of the greatest assets of teaching drama, is it allows for constant creativity.

Radio Theatre in the Classroom was one of my favorite units to teach.

When I began using radio theatre in the classroom, I  perused the internet for scripts and found many, however most of them were too difficult or long for classroom use.  It’s just like everything I do.  Generally, I have to customized them for my needs.

So, I began adapting scripts for my needs and the kids have LOVED them! I have several:  Superman, The Shadow, The Invisible Man, several soap operas and one of my own, Bow Wow Blues.

Utilizing radio theatre scripts with your students, gives them an opportunity to work on fluency, vocal expression, vocabulary and everyday diction.

There’s a place for students with special needs, too.  Many a kid have enjoyed being part of the Foley crew and performing without reading, but using sound effects instead.

After thirty-eight years, I have it perfected and available to you to purchase. It is suitable for grades six through ninth. 

Over thirty pages of lessons, exercises, projects, warm ups, history and a FREE full length radio play suitable for your classroom or group. Check it out at Teacherspayteachers.com



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