Being an Indie Author Has Its Perks

Bumbling Bea podcast

Let’s talk about podcasts. I find being an indie author has its perks.

In truth, I wasn’t much of a pod cast listener until I was interviewed for one. Ha!

One of the best things about indie publishing is we indies help one another. I don’t know if traditional authors support each other, but we do. In a very short time, I have made some great friendships because of Bumbling Bea.  This wasn’t anything I expected either.

A very nice author, Jed Lie ( posted through a Facebook indie author group which I am a part of that he was accepting children book authors for his podcast, Reading with Your Kids.

He would interview us for free!

I jumped at the chance to be included and was lucky enough to be interviewed.  Here it is:

Isn’t that nice?

This isn’t a sort interview either.  Who does that?

Indie authors do.

Every time I am interviewed either for a website, a book talk, a video or now a podcast the interviewer asks wonderful questions which seem to originate from the person’s connection to Bumbling Bea.  In other words, their personal experiences are the jumping off point for the interview.

Here is another interview you might enjoy:

or this one:

or this one:

Gosh, I didn’t realize I had so many!

Deborah Baldwin book talk

Book talks are awesome, too!  I am amazed by the astute questions which students ask of me and of course, Bumbling Bea. Sometimes the questions are so insightful and some ideas I hadn’t thought of for the story.

One of my favorite is, “Do Michiko and Beatrice stay friends?  What about their parents?  Do they stay together?”


Well, you’ll just have to read Bumbling Bea to find out.

If you are interested in Bumbling Bea, you can find it here:


Bumbling Bea podcast



Again, I’d like to thank the interviewers for their generous time and support of me and Bumbling Bea.

I never expected anyone to enjoy Bumbling Bea and I’m thrilled when someone reads it.

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