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The A-List Way to Becoming a Fabulous Teacher


New teachers wonder what are the secrets to becoming an A-List teacher.

Rubistar.com is a website where a teacher can create any kind

of rubric she may need. It has been great help to me over the years.

This year, I am teaching a Fundamentals of Speech class for

a community college. I realized I have several rubrics for speech presentations which might come in handy for some of you.

My students presented wedding toasts, graduation,

employee of the year (the award went to me!), anniversary celebration toasts,

and a host of other types.

I hope this helps you.

Check it out:  Group Presentation Speech Rubric – Excel

This rubric includes all the elements that one would need to look for in an exemplary speech–voice, tone, eye contact, time, introduction, body, conclusion, bibliography, notecards, outline, peer evaluation, etc.

This lesson took the students about two weeks to prepare meeting twice a week.

Since this a commuter college, we had to make time in the computer lab for them to research while working together.  This gave me an opportunity to observe their behavior with other group members.

This rubric includes preparedness, time limit, introuduction, body, conclusion of the speech, visual aid, diction, posture, notecards, outline and bibiography.  There is room for notes from the teacher.

Now that I’ve implimented this rubric twice, I’m thinking each member of the group needs a separate rubric to be graded so that if a teacher needs to give one student a lower score on the speech, she can do so without making it public to the rest of the group.

This rubric was created for a college level class, however it is suitable for secondary level classes as well.

Try out my free group presentation rubric and do get back to me with your results.

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