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One of the wonderful aspects of writing a book as an indie publisher is what you experience afterward.

Indie publishing is not without its share of challenges (reviews, especially), but who would have thought this would happen thirty two years ago, when Bumbling Bea’s plot came floating through my brain?

I had many days of worry about this idea. I thought I was probably the only person who thought her idea was a little  cockamamie.  I fretted it wasn’t interesting and kids wouldn’t want to read it.  It’s been the complete opposite.

I’m very happy I was wrong.

Recently, a question was raised in a Facebook group of indie authors Yesterday, the Writing Fantasy students were given a copy of Bumbling Bea to read prior to my book talk with them. So wonderful to see kids walking down the hall carrying her.  Ironically, I even had to ask one girl to put it away in my own class. Crazy!

To see my book in a student’s arms or distracting them in class is a fabulous sign my worries were for naught.

It gets better!  Now my play version of Bumbling Bea is in the protectful arms of a middle school drama teacher who plans to produce it in the 2018-2019 school year.  What?

When this occurs, Bumbling Bea and I will take a completely different adventure.  We’ll have first hand experience in what works in the dialogue and action as the students dramatize it.  I couldn’t be any more excited about this.

If you are thinking of writing a book, I encourage you to do so.  You know what?  There are hundreds of people who share my experiences, too!  You should join some Facebook indie author groups. They are tremendous help on this journey and free advice from people in the trenches is where it’s at. 

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