Notable quote from Bumbling Bea


As I took Peter’s place on stage, there was another rustling and gasp from the cast and Ms. Phillips.  Michiko had whisked off the scarf on her head and stood smiling happily.  There on top of her usually pretty blue black hair was a thin plastic cap.  I think it’s used by hairstylists to hi-light hair.  My mom’s had her hair done that way before.  The cap thing was jammed all the way down on to her forehead.  A few wisps of her hair had slipped out and around the cap.  She looked like a sear urchin, an anemone to be exact.

“You know, Pocahontas was bald when she met John Smith.  The children’s heads were shaved because of lice! Well, what do you think?” Michiko asked proudly.

“Bald and naked! How absolutely embarrassing.” I said.

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