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Ms. Phillips sighed loudly and said, “Since this rehearsal is a bust, I think it would be best if we just played some drama games for the rest of the time.  Michiko and Beatrice, I want you to go out in the hallway and practice Michiko’s part together.”

Bumbling Bea appeared out of nowhere.  I hadn’t figured on my alter ego showing up right at that moment but as I have mentioned before, I can’t control her. “I can’t, Ms. Phillips,” I stammered. “I have to go home early today.  My dad is coming over today.”

There was no way I would help Michiko with her part!  Well, Bumbling Bea wasn’t going to help Michiko.  We were in to the lie too far to back out now.  Michiko drove me crazy!  I was sick of her attitude and bizarre costuming idea.  I couldn’t take another minute of it!  I guess Michiko knew this about me, because before I could say anything else she had grabbed up her violin and backpack and sprinted for the door.

Except she dropped something.

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