Notable quote from Bumbling Bea




Popular kids have a special talent that nobody else noticed but me. They are fortune tellers.  They can see the future for all of us.

“So-and-So is on her way to Broadway!” and “Hollywood, here comes So-and-So!” the popular kids say after the school play is over.  Sometimes at football or basketball games or maybe even at a pep rally one of them will yell, “Number fifty-two (or whatever number the star player wore), to the NFL for you!” or I’d hear one of the girls say, “That Tiffany girl (or whatever cutsey name the star cheerleader was named) should be in ‘Pump it Up.” She’s as good a cheerleader as the (insert name of hot teen actress of the week) in that movie.”

Popular kids kept close to talented kids in case some of the talent might

rub off on them.

No one stayed close to me. That’s for sure.

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