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The Kabuki Theatre website is  Michiko Approved. 😊

Kabuki At Kyoto’s Minamiza Theater

Here is my post on Kabuki theatre and the reasons females are excluded from performing:

Kabuki Theatre for Girls

You may wonder why the kabuki theatre is so important to Michiko, the antagonist of my book, Bumbling Bea.

Michiko wants to be a kabuki actor when she grows up, but that’s never going to occur for her.

She’s a female and the theatre is performed by males only.

It’s a bummer, but it’s the way it is and has been for hundred of years.

What’s a girl to do?

Integrate kabuki theatre and acting into everything you can–that’s Michiko’s plan.

Except she meets her match in the middle school play she is participating in during the story of Bumbling Bea.

Although the school play is about Pocahontas and John Smith (and a very poor representation of them, I might say), she persists.

Lots of funny things happen during the play–bouncing red soccer balls, paper airplanes flying through the performance just to name a few.

And lots of funny things happen in the book, too.

Do you have a middle grade students in your home? Or are you one?

I think you might enjoy Bumbling Bea–at least other kids your age have, especially girls.

The main, character, Beatrice Brace is a snarky, funny self deprecating girl who is bewildered by her parents, the fact that she isn’t in the school play and the threats of the looming high school years ahead of her.

Sound familiar?

When I created Bumbling Bea, I knew the story would be about a girl who wanted to play the leading role in the school play.

That’s all I knew.

Everything else in the book floated into my brain and out on the writing paper.

Michiko appeared one day and her presence was so strong, she became the antagonist of the story.

So take a look at the national kabuki theatre website, check out Bumbling Bea at https:// www.tinyurl.com/n5at3oh and get back to me with your thoughts.

I’d love to hear from you!

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