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My Latest Author Interviews

author interviews

I thought it might help if I compiled my latest author interviews for you. If you are wondering who the heck I am and why Bumbling Bea is a great book for your child to read, this should help!

There are some really nice book reviewers out there in the indie author world.  I happened to find two of them, or maybe they found me.

As an indie author, it is an overwhelming task to market your book.  I thought writing the book would be difficult. Trust me, that’s the easy party (“easy part?” you may ask…). Marketing the book is a hundred times more difficult.

Ever so often, however, you meet someone who genuinely wants to interview you about your book. Each time it occurs, I thank the powers that be because I know the interviewer could select anyone and they chose me.

And podcast have come along, too!  What a great medium for the author and reader.

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I couldn’t believe Jed gave me thirty minutes to speak about Bumbling Bea.

Part of the reason I enjoy the interviews is most folks ask me questions which pertain to something about the book which spoke to them.  In Jed’s case, he had sponsored Asian students in his home.  That certainly brings a different perspective to the interview, because he can relate to the Beatrice’s Bumbling Bea bookstory just as I do.

Here is a clever one using my main character for the interview instead of me.

Isn’t that unusual?  I appreciate this one very much, because it allowed me to think about some additional back story on Beatrice and Michiko.

One of my fondest memories of book talks is when readers ask me questions about the story which I hadn’t thought about myself.  Questions such as:

What happens to Beatrice’s parents?  Do they stay together?

What about Michiko?  What happens to her?

Does Beatrice and Michiko continue to be friends?

Do Jerri and Peter remain friends with Beatrice once they are in high school?

Does Beatrice study theatre in college?  Check out this post for that answer:

I know I am very fortunate in this indie author journey.  I’ve made many friends through writing and I treasure their help, knowledge and support.  Someday, I hope I can repay the favor.

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