Super Charge Your Classroom Warm Up Exercise

Are you looking an exercise to super charge your classroom?  A  FREE product to try with your classroom from a veteran teacher? Something fun but useful to teach with these weeks right before a holiday break?

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Simply put, this warm up exercise is loads of fun because YOU are the hero!  Students love creating the story around you.

Your materials list is easy:  a box of photographs of all kinds and a copy of a postcard story of your own or another student group from another time. In the lesson, I  have included a copy of one my students’ stories just to give you an idea of what to expect.

Sometimes my students dramatize their story (it’s always very short) or merely share the story with the class. When they dramatize their story, I ask them to use chanting (repeated words or phrases for an effect), a sound effect or two and some movement.  They even create a title for their story. My students LOVE this exercise!

I’d love to hear how this exercise works for you.

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