super hero post cards stories

What are Super Hero Postcard Stories

Are you looking an exercise to super charge your classroom?  Something fun but useful to teach with these weeks right before a holiday break? How about Super Hero Postcard Stories?

Simply put, this warm up exercise is loads of fun because YOU are the hero!  Students love creating the story around you.

Your materials list is easy:  a box of photographs of all kinds and a copy of a postcard story of your own or another student group from another time. In the lesson, I  have included a copy of one my students’ stories just to give you an idea of what to expect.

Sometimes my students dramatize their story (it’s always very short) or merely share the story with the class. When they dramatize their story, I ask them to use chanting (repeated words or phrases for an effect), a sound effect or two and some movement.  They even create a title for their story. My students LOVE this exercise!

Why super heroes?  First, they are wildly popular with all ages.  Look at the ticket sales for Wonder Woman and the Black Panther.  How wonderful to focus upon females and people of color!  Think what that can do for some student.

super hero post cards stories

Plus, some times our students think we are stuffy when in fact, we are busy curtailing over enthusiasm.  It’s not that we can’t have fun, but too much fun because bedlam in a drama classroom.

The Super Hero Postcard Stories are your answer to fun and learning!

I’d love to hear how this exercise works for you.

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super hero postcard stories

What are Super Hero Postcard Stories? 

What are Super Hero Postcard Stories?

It’s fairly self explanatory.  Students create stories about a super hero, but there’s a catch. (sorry, no spoiler here–you’ll just have to check out the product.)

super hero postcard stories

Every year, I taught a storytelling unit–it lasts three weeks and culminated in a storytelling festival.

One of the least stressful performing experieinces is storytelling.  Why, we humans do it everyday.

Have you ever told your family about your day?  Did you use different voices to convey what occured that day between you and someone else?

Here is some of the scoop.

Super Hero Postcard stories needs very few materials–a box of postcards of all kinds (nature, cities, people, famous places, etc.) and maybe a box of sound effects if you have them.

The exercise takes around thirty minutes to complete.

Super Hero Postcard stories are an engaging activity.  The students work in cooperative groups crafting a story which originates through various images they “lift” from the postcards.  There is one catch–sorry, I still won’t tell you what it is, though.

The group is expected to write down their story and dramatize it in some fashion.  Sometimes they act it out, sometimes they don’t. They are encouraged to give their story a title.

Everyone in the group is required to participate whether as actors or sound effect engineers (called Foleys) if performing seems too scarey.

The product comes with:

  • the history of super heroes
  • teacher’s questions
  • procedure page
  • an example of a story written by a group of my students

Trust me, I have taught drama since before we had dirt.  A. long.time.

I know what works and what doesn’t.

Super Hero Postcard Stories works!

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